6 PACK-Continental Commercial Products Muscle Mop Patented 4-Fiber Looped End, Large Commercial Mop


  • SUPER ABSORBENT: Strong 4 fiber patented yarn absorption and 3 cleaning surfaces, meaning more liquid absorbed and less times back to the bucket
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Polyester fibers provide the Muscle Mop with longer lasting durability (built to last for years,) while rayon, cotton, and synthetic viscous fibers make the Muscle Mop as absorbent as possible
  • BUILT-IN BRISTLE BRUSH: Stiff crimped bristle brush removes stubborn soils and grease build up; brush lasts for the entire life of the mop
  • FITS ALL ACME HANDLES: Muscle Mop fits any Acme threaded handle
  • PERFECT FOR RESTAURANTS AND HOTELS: Absorbency and durability can withstand best-in-class cleaning frequencies and create safer work environments

Collections: Floor Products

Type: janitorial

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